About Nicki Wells


  • With
    Aakash Odedra
  • Murmur (2013)
  • I Imagine (2015)
  • #jesuis (2018)
  • Samsara (2020)
  • Mehek (2024)
  • With
    Aditi Mangaldas
  • Forbidden (2022)
  • Mehek (2024)
  • With
    Alleyne Dance
  • Far From Home (2022)

Theatre Productions:

  • Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, adapted by Tanika Gupta. Watford Theatre (2011)
  • Drawing the Line, by Howard Brenton. Directed by Howard Davies. Hampstead Theatre (2013)
  • Pink Sari Revolution, Directed by Suba Das, NCPA, Mumbai, India ( 2019)


  • Vara - A Blessing by Khyentse Norbu. Co-composed with Nitin Sawhney (2013)
  • Never Forget Tibet by Jean-Paul Mertinez. Co-composed with Anoushka Shankar (post production. 2020)
  • Approval Needed by Karen Anstee. Short Film. (2018)
  • Living with Honour by Karen Anstee. Feature Film. (2022)


  • Girl Connected by Koen Suidgeest. (2015) Five teenage girls from Kenya, Peru, Jordan, Bangladesh and India go against the tide to tackle gender discrimination and violence.


  • "One of the stand-out stars of the piece is undoubtedly singer Nicki Wells. As part of a live, three-piece band, her voice sounds as if it’s coming from the centre of the earth. She brings a feminine power that counterparts the masculine strength and beauty on display." - The List - 5 Stars
  • "In fact, every move the men make is propelled by the musical trio behind them, in particular the incredible Nicki Wells whose vocal prowess beggars belief" - The Scotsman - 5 stars
  • "Nicki Wells’ composition is a lingering flitter between trace-like and sharp awakenings, adding an additional level of appreciation for everything." - The Wee Review - 5 stars
  • "Nicki Wells’ score draws upon the call implicit in her often echoing, melismatic vocals." - The Times - 4 stars
  • "The drumming and the rest of the scoring of the piece is another great strength of Samsara. The blend of both recorded and live performances perfectly backgrounds the dace, with beautifully articulated music creating a vital auditory substrate in which the mesmeric action of the dancers can flourish; form a ominous, drone heavy start, to soaring optimism and spiritual attainment to wistful healing harmony, often attended to by the seemingly flawless vocal prowess of singer Nicki Wells. A striking work on many levels." - Broadway Baby - 5 stars
  • "“Three spectral musicians appear behind a semi transparent screen. In Nicki Wells’ composition, throat singing mixes with urgent drumming and peeling strings to reverberate with the dancer’s movements." - The Guardian - 4 stars

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